Washington Post article so revealing “Background TV Distracts Kids from Play”

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Washington Post HealthDay Reporter Serena Gordon wrote this very interesting article about a recent study.

“Even if young children aren’t watching the TV, it may be distracting them from their play and depriving them of developing critical attention skills, a new study says.

When children aged 3 and younger played in a room with a television on that was tuned to adult programming, they played for about 5 percent less time than when there was no background TV. More importantly, when there was no background TV, the children’s play was more focused with longer play episodes, the study found.

“Background TV is a disruptive and distracting influence. Our evidence is that TV keeps the children from sustaining their attention at a time when developmentally, they’re beginning to organize their attention skills and sequencing behaviors,” said study senior author Daniel Anderson, a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

“Parents think it [background TV] doesn’t matter because the programs aren’t directed at children, but just because a child isn’t paying active attention doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a disruptive effect,” he added….. (read more)

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