The cost of gas and keeping it local! How to have a summer full of great memories!

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One fun activity might be a Zoo Train Camp at Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice of Clayton!

So many of us have lamented about the price of gas continuing to go up and the heat just complicates the issue. Using the air conditioning in your car just eats that gas up faster and faster doesn’t it! So what to do? Stay home you say, keep it simple! I agree that you need to simplify to cut expenses. I also know as a small business owner that keeping it local may satisfy the need for something to do. There are many small business owners who are being affected by the high cost of doing business too. To keep them in business and cut your expense to do something special check the local folks out. Allow them to provide your family with special things to do that cost a little and require little or no travel. Your family will have some special summer memories and you won’t break the bank getting there! J Why don’t you recommend some of your favorite local things to do so that others might enjoy them too!

Calling all Drama Queens and Kings!

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Musical Theatre Camp offerings

Are you a parent of a Drama Queen or King? Does your child put on plays and musicals for you at home? Help them to hone their skills and have some fun doing it this summer right here in Clayton. Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice of Clayton is offering something NEW this summer to the 8-12 year old Musical Theatre lover. A Musical Theatre camp will be held the week of July 7th-11th in Riverwood at the Riverwood Cultural Arts Center.

In designing this curriculum, Julie Stewart is pulling together approximately 20 scenes from Eleven Musicals for participants to choose from. The curriculum is designed with the following daily focuses: Monday – What is Musical Theatre? Games and activities that help us get to know each other and focusing on individual performance, the basics of being on stage, and selecting scenes for performance. Tuesday – Finding my place in the Crowd. Games and activities focusing on ensemble, working together when staging a production, and working on select scenes for performance. Wednesday – What do I want the audience to see? Games and activities focusing on putting a production together, costumes anyone? Simple approaches to costuming and making your character come through visually, and working on select scenes for performance. Thursday – The technical aspect of Musical Theatre. Games and activities focusing on the extras that go into producing a stage production. Music accompanimant, set design, props are all a part of the production, we will design and make simple sets for our production and work on selected scenes for performance. Friday – Putting it all together. Games and activities focusing on fine tuning performance. Rehearse all that our production will be. Celebrate our successes during the week. Showcase each scene of our production and be a critic. Run-thru performance, final rehearsal. The performance location and time are being determined at this time. It will either be Friday evening or Saturday late afternoon or evening.

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