Today was another great World Voice Day event in Raleigh!

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This was my second year to attend the World Voice Day Celebration put on by the Duke Voice Care Center staff.  It was held at the Renaissance Raleigh Hotel and was very well put together this year.

As a Kindermusik Educator, Voice Teacher, Choral Director and Performer myself, I find this type of event, invaluable as a form of continuing education. I know alot of what they talk about already, but the affirmation, and the opportunity to glean some golden nugget of information that will help a student or myself is always welcome. I was not disappointed during yesterday’s event either.

Dr. Witsell, and his staff are very knowledgeable in the workings of the voice, both medically, physically and professionally. Their topics were relevant and interesting in the panel of experts presentation “How to Make Your Voice Last a Lifetime”. The vocal health fair gave an individual the opportunity to speak to a Duke Voice Care Center expert about their own voice health, observe a laryngeal imaging demonstration, or even have an acoustical voice analysis of their own voice made. There were a variety of vendor booths from the Master Chorale, Concert Singers of Cary, and the North Carolina Symphony to Pharmaceutical Reps from NeilMed Pharmeceuticals giving away Saline Mist and Gel samples and Sinus Rinse kits.

A short performance by Lois Deloatch, Jazz vocalist and Scott Sawyer, guitarist was well received by the crowd and a testament to proper care and nurture of Vocal Health.

The panel of experts included Ms. Deloatch as well as David Hartman, John Dancy, Dick Gordon, Florence Peacock and William Stone. Grant Llewelyn was the moderator of the panel. Many questions were answered and lots of encouragement and good information was discussed.

I “high note” of the event was Grant Llewelyn’s involvement of all who attended in a singing exploration of George Frederick Handel method. The “tritone” chord of G, F and H(the german B). Using the familiar tune of “Frere Jacque” the room was divided up into three groups. Without going into a lot of detail, we explored the round in the familiar fashion, then sang it inverted and finally retrograde, all in round. The panel provided a constant chord pattern using G, G, G; F, E, F; and B, C, B in a repeated fashion. It was quite challenging and a lot of fun to discover a piece of music this way. Maestro Llewelyn, confided, he wasn’t sure how it related to the day’s topic. Suffice it to say, I was completely convinced of it’s relativity in that the whole room was in fact singing! FUN!

The Renaissance Raleigh Hotel in the North Hills complex was a wonderful host with a delicious buffet of fruit, grilled vegetables, and gourmet lunchmeats and cheeses with crackers. The chocolate strawberries were in abundance and beverages rounded the refreshments out.

Oh, and my nugget this year related to the topic of relaxation when you sing. I use a form of ‘vocal yoga’ to teach this important aspect in my studio. The need to use relaxation is a basic part of teaching voice. What came to light was the fact that “Yoga” breathing, the kind taught by yoga gurus, and masters is detrimental to good vocal health. The harsh voiced exhale is not a good way to experience healthy breathing and should be avoided.

Thank you Duke Voice Care Center for an excellent program!

The Smithfield Ham and Yam Festival is this weekend! …

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Relay for Life banner


Ham and Yam logo

It is festival time in Johnston County! Last week was the Strawberry Festival in the Cleveland community, this weekend is the Ham and Yam Festival in Smithfield, two weeks down the road will be the Acorn Festival in Four Oaks, Johnston County Relay for Life is May 30th and the first weekend in June is Millstock Music and Art Fair in Clayton. All of these are family friendly events with lots of FREE things to do, FREE music to listen to, homemade goodies to eat and lots of causes to support. I particularly like to support the Johnston County Relay for Life event as it reaches so many local people who are cancer survivors and families still healing from losing someone close, to cancer.  These family events are reminiscent of times gone by. Sitting in lawn chairs or a blanket on a grassy slope listening to local talent, or looking at the creativity of children who have decorated yams for the “What is that Yam Thing?” contest, or seeing the teamwork of a group of people out to support their friends and family in raising money to help a special cause… take some time folks to smell the flowers, talk a walk through the arts and crafts booths, and enjoy some ham biscuits, rib sandwiches, yam fries, or something else homemade and delicious. Get away from the high gas prices, rush of the work week and stress of making ends meet and enjoy each other! That’s what I will be doing… 🙂 Julie


Today is my birthday!

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It has been a nice day…I am looking forward to seeing my daughter Rosalie and her husband Paul tomorrow. My daughter Kendra and I spent some time together today and my husband and I this morning and this evening. I have had phone calls and emails with birthday regards. It has been a nice day….

I have needed a break!

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I love what I do and it fills me up every day. ..

It is impossible to find the time anymore to spend quantity time with my family.

Last Monday my oldest daughter, Rosalie and son-on-law, Paul visited us in the midst of visiting everyone in the area. Paul’s parents were Sunday, we were Monday, Paul’s sister and a friend on Tuesday and they were on their way home to Mountain City, TN on Wednesday. It seems they caught a matinee of Harry Potter on their way back, which after calling my husband inspired him to email me and say “Harry Potter, 7 or 7:30?” so we went to the local theatre and enjoyed the latest movie.

I get totally absorbed in movies and books so it provides me with a much needed ‘mind break’ from my everyday. Some folks don’t like Harry Potter’s fantasy…I think it is a natural thing to enjoy stories of the imagination. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and look forward to reading the last book.  I find science fiction and fantasy stories very satisfying. It is not all I read but I find I am drawn to it more often than not.

This weekend our younger daughter, Kendra, celebrated having gallbladder surgery. Yes, she invited friends to our house for a bonfire, slip and slide, games, hotdogs, s’mores and make your own music. I was even asked to sing for them. Kids in their early twenties are interesting it reminds of times long ago… Her friends are predominately musical and Christian so the mix was fun and easy going and not too crazy. The bonfire was probably the wildest thing that occurred. I am lucky to have grown children with great friends. Not only did several of them help her plan and set up the party, several others helped clean up! (as they should).

Kenny and I are off to visit his sister Lynn in Bunnlevel today.  This is the first weekend in a while that I didn’t spend time at the studio. I guess I was due.

“A Snapshot of Kindermusik Village” the first in a series of video clips.

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Summer classes start June 20th! check out our website for more info

Kindermusik Demos at Babies-R-Us this Saturday

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Hi Kindermusik Friends,  Please pass the word that we are participating in a FREE Kindermusik Day at Babies-R-Us. Demos will be at 10:00, 11:30 and 1:00 pm. I would love to see you there! Call Babies-R-Us on Capital Blvd. at 790-2229 to reserve a space or just come, first come, first served. Please tell your friends! Sincerely, 
Julie Stewart
Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice of Clayton“A Musical Foundation to Last a Lifetime”Clayton, NC since 1994 “The fact that children can make beautiful music, is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful  children.”

C. Lavendar

Princess Day! What a fun time we had!

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Please check out some of the fun we had on Princess Day!


Playing with our Egg Shaker Instruments!


Having a Princess Parade!


Rocking and resting with Mom and Dad.


We are ready to have some fun…say cheese!


Reading about “Tressa the Musical Princess”

Today 14 little princesses came to have fun with Queen Ms. Julie! We made crowns and sceptors, danced around a Maypole, read Tressa the Musical Princess who “Saved the Day!”. We all ‘saved the day’ when we turned Dragon Eggs into Eggs with Golden Coins inside! Our eggs became wonderful shaker instruments which we played in many fun ways and even had a Princess Parade! We heard about the wicked step mother who made a poison apple for her step daughter princess to eat and the fairy god-mother who gave the princess the magic words “Obsiwana” to protect her from the poison. Then we promptly made our own “Poison” apple and said “Obsiwana” over it before playing a pass the apple game. We heard about the frog prince, who was looking for his princess and about Princess Golden who was changed into a GoldFish by a wicked witch and how her fairy godmother turned her into a beautiful Golden Fish who became the protector of all Princesses! She brought us a delicious snack of Goldfish Colors and a special Princess Pet to always remember her! We made pet collars with bells to easily find our pets if a wicked witch was near and then danced with those and ribbon streamers as parents joined us. We ended our time with a gentle rocking and resting song with mom’s and dad’s before leaving to go home.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom’s!

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I have daughters so this is about Mother’s and Daughter’s…a beautiful tribute!

I hope your Mother’s Day is wonderful!

Ms. Julie

Children always notice beauty! Watch and read about this experiment…

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Pearls Before Breakfast

Joshua Bell is one of the world’s greatest violinists. His instrument of choice is a multimillion-dollar Stradivarius. If he played it for spare change, incognito, outside a bustling Metro stop in Washington, would anyone notice?….

Click the title link to this article to find out what happened!

Thank you to Mollie McGinn for bringing this article to my attention!

Princess Day is May 19th!

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Princess Day FlyerCome dance to princess music, sing princess songs, play princess games and read princess stories! 90-Minute class includes lots of princess activities, plus making princess crowns and wands, finding dinosaur eggs & turning them into shaker instruments and taking home your own special princess pet! We will even eat princess treats! $15.00 if you register by May 15th, $20.00 after that.

For your child 4-6 years old. Minimum 4 and Maximum 10 per class. Email me to register…

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