Kindermusik: Learning through Music Spot

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Kindermusik: Learning through Music

Spotlight on Learning: Village

Lifting. Squatting. Twirling. Bending. Whew! Sometimes Kindermusik class feels more like a workout than, well, a workout. Okay, maybe not P90x, but still! While you are building muscles each week, your child is building early language skills.

When you lift her high “up, up in the sky” or “twirl around like a leaf” while singing the songs in class, you help your little one learn the word and understand the concept. Pre-readers rely almost exclusively on what they hear in order to acquire language. Your child’s brain makes a connection based on what she experiences (being lifted high or twirling around) and hears (“up” or “twirl”). Later, she will discover those words correspond to marks on a page which eventually leads to letter recognition and reading. Just think how toned your arms will be then!

Everyday connection: Play that fun-key music. Listen and move to music that combines key vocabulary with a movement or activity. “Up, Up In The Sky” and “Like a Leaf or a Feather” are familiar choices. Visit for more favorites, like “I Roll the Ball to You.” Try mixing in your tunes, too. “Dancing Queen” anyone?

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