Why Emotional Intelligence Matters and the role Music and Movement plays.

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Teaching emotional skills is making a big comeback.

Having Fun at Kindermusik

Having Fun at Kindermusik

In the current issue of Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine is a very pertinent article about this topic. Here is an excerpt from the article –

“In an era when high-stakes test scores rule, talking about social and emotional development in children can seem old-fashioned. But lately, the conversation about the so-called soft skills—the personal and interpersonal abilities kids need to maintain mental health and thrive socially, emotionally, and intellectually in a classroom—is being heard again around the nation. ” (read more here)

Kindermusik has developed a wonderful resource for parents regarding this same topic.

“Research demonstrates that involvement in music and movement activities from an early age helps children develop good social and emotional skills. Research also links social and emotional development with school-readiness and even with higher academic testing scores. It’s no surprise. After all, the same skills that foster emotional security and social success – skills like confidence, curiosity, cooperation, self-regulation, and good listening – predict cognitive achievement and academic success as well. ” Check out Music & Social-Emotional Development by Molia Dumbleton, M.A., M.A. and Heidi Gilman Bennett, read the summary here.  Read the full article for toddlers here. and for preschoolers here.

Just another reason Kindermusik would benefit your family this fall. Loving your child is what it’s all about!


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  1. […] View original here:  Why Emotional Intelligence Matters and the role Music and Movement plays. […]

  2. Nicely written! From the start, Kindermusik has been a very important part of our family life and has taught Ayden (the cute boy above) soooo much! He is going on 2 and has such an appreciation of music, dance and friendship…but I do have to say that it would not be the same without a great teacher like Julie. She makes the classes truly special!

    • Thanks Christy! I appreciate your kind words!

  3. Brilliant post.. I follow your blog for quite a long time and should tell that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

    • Rachel,

      I appreciate your letting me know you follow me. I try really hard to post pertinent blogs to child development and music & movement as it is such an important topic. In Kindermusik classes (which by the way are all over the world!) we facilitate what parents do with their children in addition to teaching music, and ‘whole child’ related skills. Helping parents relate to their children in a musical way will impact them their entire lives. Thank you for your compliment!


      Julie Stewart

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