‘O sole mio: Trio Ginoble-Boschetto-Barone’ so Inspiring! Sung by 14 year old young men!

June 16, 2009 at 4:48 pm | Posted in Kindermusik | 4 Comments
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These young men have begun a tremendous career with such grace and musicianship! You will be amazed at their maturity and absolutely beautiful rich sound!

Thank you Bonnie for referring to this video!


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  1. Could not get any sound at all

  2. could not hear any sound at all

    • Regarding no sound…. check your mute button. I have sound on mine.

      Sincerely, Julie Stewart Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice of Clayton Recipient of the 2009-2010 Maestro in Outreach Award “A Musical Foundation to Last a Lifetime” Clayton, NC since 1994 North Carolina Representation for the Partnership of Kindermusik Educators “The fact that children can make beautiful music, is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.” C. Lavendar

      for more information about Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice of Clayton check out our website… http://www.kindermusikofclayton.com or visit our blog http://www.kmclayton.wordpress.com We are registering for all Classes now. Member of Mother’s Unlimited Business Alliance. http://www.mothersunlimited.com Advertise with Sneakers to Stilettos, the BEST Women’s Referrel Guide and Planner around Email me if you are interested! kmclayton@mindspring.com http://www.sneakerstostilettos.com

  3. they have a excelent voice!!! but i want to hear them when they grow up! ….

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