George Beverly Shea is 100 years old today!

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George Beverly Shea, a singing Icon is 100 years old today and still singing. A song a day not only makes your smarter, but also keeps you young at heart, young in spirit, and sometimes young in body. I heard him sing in Cleveland at the Billy Graham Revival at Cleveland Indians Stadium in 1969 ??? ! 🙂

At 100, Billy Graham singer’s voice still booming

Associated Press Writer

Posted: Jan. 31 3:25 p.m.
Updated: Today at 8:35 a.m.

MONTREAT, N.C. — George Beverly Shea is skipping from memory to memory of his globe-trotting career as evangelist Billy Graham’s crusade crooner. When words can’t explain, he bellows out a song.

“Oh, can it be, upon a tree, the Savior died for me?” Shea sings from a John Newton hymn, his raw and rumbling voice describing how music fits into ministry. “My soul is thrilled, my heart is filled, to think He died for me.”

Shea planned to celebrate his 100th birthday Sunday, and the songs that defined his career still burst out in a signature bass-baritone that can quiet a room in an instant. Shea worked with Graham for more than half a century, making him one of the world’s most-recognized voices: He’s sung live in front of an estimated 200 million people. And he’s still making special appearances without his longtime partner. (read more)

Song Around the World “Stand By Me” is an excellent view of Music Around the World as we begin our newest class of Imagine That “Cities~ Busy Places, Friendly Faces”

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One of the things I love about teaching Kindermusik to preschool and elementary age children is the opportunity to enlighten them about the rich and wonderful “world” of music. This semester our focus in Imagine That class is “Cities~Busy Places, Friendly Faces” where we enjoy music from cities all over the world and explore things like street vendor music, city rhythms, high and low musical concepts that are mirrored in the high buildings and elevators and escalators, the sounds of the city, street musicians, concert halls, ballet dancers, jazz musicians and much more. When I heard this video version of “Stand by Me” it reminded me of how in Kindermusik class we become a community and support each other teacher to parent, parent to child, family to family, student to teacher, friend to friend. What a wonderful way to explore the thought of standing by each other all over the world. Enjoy this version of a favorite song.

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