Celebrate World Voice Day! April 16th, 2008

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“For anyone,” says Duke Voice Care Center Clinical Coordinator/Speech Pathologist and Professional/Singing Voice Specialist Leda Scearce, “the voice is a central part of self-identity and self-esteem. All of us rely on our voices for our daily communication at work and for interaction with our friends and family. Many others, such as singers, actors, teachers, attorneys, clergy, and athletic coaches need healthy voices to do their jobs. This annual celebration of the voice is part of our mission to provide access to vocal health information to everyone.”

Duke Voice Care Center Director Dr. Dave Witsell adds, “Our collaboration with the North Carolina Symphony is a natural one since the voice is an instrument that we all play each and every day. Just like an accomplished musician, knowing how your instrument works helps you to take care of it, play it better, make your voice last a lifetime!”

Maestro Grant Llewellyn

Today I attended a very affirming Vocal Health Fair in celebration of the upcoming World Voice Day, April 16th. World Voice Day Celebration 2008 at Meymandi Concert Hall at downtown Raleigh’s Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts, featured vocalist Rozlyn Sorrell, the world-class specialists of the Duke Voice Care Center and Host Grant Llewellyn, North Carolina Symphony Music Director. It was interesting to see the variety of folks who attended the free event. In the lobby area they had demonstrations of video recordings of the vocal cords in action as well as computerized acoustic voice analysis, and professionals available to discuss how the voice works, how to care for the voice and keep it healthy, what kinds of voice problems people can have and best treatment practices. The line was very long for the acoustic voice analysis. That was very intriguing to listen as individuals spoke into a microphone and watched their voices displayed on the computer screen. There was a variety of information available specific to teachers, singers, actors, and other kinds of performers and individuals who use their voices exclusively in their professions in addition to the information regarding voice health. Refreshments of fruit, cheese and crackers were available to participants.

Rozlyn Sorrell

Following the Vocal Health Fair they welcomed everyone into Meymandi Hall where Ms. Sorrell sang wonderfully, Maestro Llewellyn lead the audience in a singing activity and a round table question and answer discussion took place with the specialists from The Duke Voice Care Center, Ms Sorrell and Maestro Llewellyn taking questions from the floor. This discussion was interesting and again affirming as I was able to say the information relayed follows the same philosophies I teach. One thing of note that I had not heard in such a specific way was that the body produces one liter of snot a day. This is the mucus our body uses to protect the tender tissues in the body. It is so important to keep this snot/mucus liquid. Drink water! Like I say, 1/2 your body weight in ounces a day!

Three and a half years ago I conducted a Vocal Health break-out session for the Nashville, Kindermusik Educators Association Convention (before the Partnership of Kindermusik Educators took over in 2006). Much of this same information is available on the Duke Voice Center website. I encourage you to take care of your voice, it is the only instrument you have!


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  2. […] Celebrate World Voice Day! April 16th, 2008 … was a variety of information available specific to teachers, singers, actors, and other kinds of performers and individuals who use their voices exclusively in their professions in addition to the information regarding voice health. … […]

  3. Hello Julie,

    What a pleasant surprise to find this site as I was browsing the web this evening. Thank you for coming to the voice care clinic on April 6th. I appreciate the time we had to chat afterwards as well as the lovely comments you have written here on the blog. Thank you so much. I look forward to continuing our conversation and finding out more about KINDERMUSIK. Continue this great service to the community as you provide such a wealth of knowledge and information to the general public about the importance of vocal preservation. Please be sure to come to my students’ performance showcase on May 17th at Garner Historic Auditorium. for more information visit my site; http://www.vocalprecision.com. Let’s talk soon.


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