Last week in Imagine That I asked parents to listen with their children…

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Last week I asked Imagine That parents to ‘listen’ with their children during the week. My email to parents went like this…

“In Kindermusik we strive to improve your child’s listening abilities through Music Listening activities. This week we listened to “Silly Slides,” a recording that contains glissando sounds. The children identified the sounds of different instruments (clarinet, trombone, slide whistle) playing glissandos. Listening discrimination is a valuable skill, one that can lead to the ability to make choices, to understand sound, and to appreciate beauty of sound. We also tried to emulate the sounds we heard in “Silly Slides” with our slide whistles! It sure was fun! 

While listening to your Home CDs this week, ask your child simple questions such as “Do you hear a man singing or a child singing?,” “Is that music fast or slow?,” or “Do you recognize any instruments that are playing?” Encourage listening for preferences by asking such questions as “Do you like the sound of that song?,” or even “Why do you like that song?” It is never too early to start talking with your child about her preferences, encouraging him to make comparisons and talk about distinctions. “

I was delighted to receive an email from one of my parents with the following link. It is an  instrument listening chart with pictures and recordings of the instruments in the orchestra. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra in fact has a wonderful website just for children. Link to it here and enjoy all that it has to offer!

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