The importance of Steady Beat

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As a Kindermusik educator I am always stressing the importance of your child feeling, learning, playing, following and understanding Steady Beat. Fellow Kindermusik Educator Jeanne Lippencott put it very  nicely…

Steady Beat

One of the first musical skills to develop is the ability to keep a steady beat. This skill is extremely important, of course, for future musical experiences, but it is also important in everyday life. Think of all we do that requires regularly paced repeated motion (a sense of steady beat!): walking, running, riding a bicycle, cutting with scissors, bouncing a ball, and more.

village_color.jpg In Village we help them feel the beat.

ot_color.jpg In Our Time we help them play the beat.

it_c.jpg In Imagine That! we help them vary the beat.
yc_color.jpg In Young Child we help them read and write the beat.

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