Last call for Summer Kindermusik this week!

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Second Summer Session begins this Tuesday with Creatures at the Ocean, Wednesday with Busy Days and Friday with Creatures in my Backyard. Check out the schedule on our website and call or email me if you have any questions. We can’t wait to see you!  Ms. Julie


Busy Days! Set your baby’s day to classical music. With a little more Tchaikovsky in your “Twinkle, Twinkle” repertoire you’ll discover new ways your baby benefits from the classics as you both develop an appreciation for the world’s most respected music. Each lesson features new activities and songs you can sing for all the places you go together—the store, the playground, the doctor, and more.


cno.gifCreatures at the Ocean. Sing sailor songs and make the ocean count. “Five little seashells lying on the shore: Swish! Went the waves and then there were four.” Make homemade kites and your own ocean wave drum! Children love Creatures at the Ocean because they sing, move, and play with Mom, Dad, or caregiver while

learning about the great outdoors, nature-friendly ideas and all kinds of interesting creatures unique to the coastal environment.  We will dive into lessons like Ahoy There, On My Beach Blanket, Coastal Waters, Riding the Waves, and In the Deep Blue Sea. So put on your beach clothes and join us for an ocean adventure!

0-06-03005.jpgCreatures in My Backyard.  Give your child something to sing about in her own backyard. Be the flower from the “seed’s” perspective. Big Kids Run and jump in rain puddles made from hula hoops. Shoo pretend flies and sing and dance to “Shoo Fly.” Parents fly babies from flower to flower like buzzing bees, and explore instruments and more!

Children are naturally curious and delighted by the world around them. Creatures in My Backyard encourages you and your child to explore your environment and make new discoveries.  Through music, movement, storytelling, and instrument exploration, your child will uncover the creatures living in her own backyard – from birds, turtles, squirrels, and rabbits to flowers, caterpillars, and bumble-bees!  Your child will experience Nesting in a Tree, Digging in the Dirt, Flying to a Flower, Hiding in the Grass, and Sitting on the Porch. So put on your sandals and join us for a backyard adventure!

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