I have needed a break!

July 15, 2007 at 10:19 pm | Posted in Blogroll, Music Making, Ramblings | Leave a comment

I love what I do and it fills me up every day. ..

It is impossible to find the time anymore to spend quantity time with my family.

Last Monday my oldest daughter, Rosalie and son-on-law, Paul visited us in the midst of visiting everyone in the area. Paul’s parents were Sunday, we were Monday, Paul’s sister and a friend on Tuesday and they were on their way home to Mountain City, TN on Wednesday. It seems they caught a matinee of Harry Potter on their way back, which after calling my husband inspired him to email me and say “Harry Potter, 7 or 7:30?” so we went to the local theatre and enjoyed the latest movie.

I get totally absorbed in movies and books so it provides me with a much needed ‘mind break’ from my everyday. Some folks don’t like Harry Potter’s fantasy…I think it is a natural thing to enjoy stories of the imagination. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and look forward to reading the last book.  I find science fiction and fantasy stories very satisfying. It is not all I read but I find I am drawn to it more often than not.

This weekend our younger daughter, Kendra, celebrated having gallbladder surgery. Yes, she invited friends to our house for a bonfire, slip and slide, games, hotdogs, s’mores and make your own music. I was even asked to sing for them. Kids in their early twenties are interesting it reminds of times long ago… Her friends are predominately musical and Christian so the mix was fun and easy going and not too crazy. The bonfire was probably the wildest thing that occurred. I am lucky to have grown children with great friends. Not only did several of them help her plan and set up the party, several others helped clean up! (as they should).

Kenny and I are off to visit his sister Lynn in Bunnlevel today.  This is the first weekend in a while that I didn’t spend time at the studio. I guess I was due.

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