So Much To Do…So Little Time!

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Yes, the fall semester is coming to a close! I know it has been somewhat of a crazy beginning to the school year and I am glad to finally be back into a sort of familiar routine. With Spring semester we are back on track and will have a 15 week semester, a family night and be out by summer! Then summer camps will also be on track…in our new studio space. I am working hard on getting summer schedules finished so you will be able to plan ahead….not like last summer with three weeks to figure out if you would be able to find a class in between vacations, etc. Anyway, we are having an OPEN HOUSE this next weekend. January 26th from 10:00-2:00 AND Jan 27th from 2:00-6:00. I hope you are able to come by! The materials for Spring Semester will be out and the registration materials for Spring and Summer. Check out the flyer design below!


Let the New Year Begin…Let the day begin! Happy New Year Everyone!

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I like the words of this song and it expresses what I would like for all of you and for myself! I hope all my family, my Kindermusik family and my friends have a prosperous and fulfilling New Year! 

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