Fascinating events still occuring!

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So our Thanksgiving Holidays are ending and the busy month of December “looms” before us! Yesterday evening as our daughter Rosalie and her husband Paul were getting ready to leave and go visit his parents they decided to check their oil. (They have done alot of driving lately) They were 2.5 quarts low! They decided to go get their oil changed and the mechanic said there was water mixed in the oil…they had a head gasket problem. So Christmas is going to be tight on their pockets as they have also had to deal with a root canal for Rosalie last week and Paul’s glasses broke so he needed new ones, etc. etc. This fascinating part of early married life reminds us that as parents we are constantly finding that we must step back. We pray for the safety and happiness of our children and our desires for their success and growth in their marriage but those fascinating things seem to occur out of the blue…no we have little control over our lives, just opportunities to let go and let God!

Laughter is always the best medicine…

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A taste of laughter to enjoy during your Holiday!

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