Benjamin and Rosemund Zander ~ words cannot express appropriately how I will look for possibilities…

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Benjamin Zander Master Class

Benjamin Zander

Pictures of Ben Zander at the PKE Convention, November 3, 2006 Greensboro, NC

Benjamin and Rosemund Zander are life changers! Their book The Art of Possibility is a must read. Their influence on the lives of Kindermusik Educators at our PKE Convention in Greensboro, NC will continue to create possibility for our classes for a long time, and our lives will be changed forever I do believe.  I know mine will.

 It seems I cannot get enough of the Zander’s and so I have perused Ben Zander’s website for comments about our convention… I found the following and wanted to share his words about us.

“Dear Interpreters

I told the teachers in Greensboro all about you. It was as if the class moved south for the afternoon.
They flew off the walls with the “courage” assignment. It blew the place apart. There is hope for the world! The teachers of the 0-7 year olds at Kindermusik are passionate, alive, engaged, profound, open-hearted, light-hearted and fun. The front row filled up in 6 seconds flat. After that it was a battle to get as close to the front as possible. No one holds back. Tears and laughter flowed in equal measure. They were bursting with excitement. Their singing raised the roof and the heart. The energy in the room was so high that it nearly exploded. I have rarely had so much fun! It took hours to come down – some of us stayed up till one in the morning talking. This is going to change the world. Roz had them for three hours this morning and took them deeper and farther.

Socrates said (more than three thousand years ago):
“What mean ye, fellow citizens, that ye turn every stone to scrape wealth together, and take so little care of your children, to whom ye must one day relinquish all?”

The head of Kindermusik told a funny story. A Buddhist went up to a hot-dog stand in New York and said: (imagine solemn, portenteous voice) “Make me One with Everything”. The hotdog owner made him a hot dog with everything. The Buddhist handed him a $20 bill, which the vendor put into his pocket. “What about my change?” said the Buddhist.( Imagine same voice): “Change comes from within.” was the reply.
…(more pertinent to his class)…

Walk with Spirit and Love

Ben Zander

Doesn’t that just uplift you? It certainly does me! 

Ave Maria ~ One of my FAVS

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 I have sung Ave Maria all of my adult life…it is one of my favorites. This version is awesome!

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I have sung Ave Maria my whole adult life. This version is absolutely awesome!

We are In!

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I have the key! It will take a few days to make the studio ready and I can’t wait. The possibilities are endless!

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