December is fast upon us…

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Well, today is November 26th and this week begins the crazy month of December… I have lots of commitments this month and the desire to spend time with family. Things start this coming Saturday with Voice Students participating in the Festival of Trees in Smithfield…Monday Junior and Senior Homeschool Choruses also will participate. December 5th is the Women on Mission Christmas dinner. December 8th is the GRAND OPENING AND RIBBON CUTTING for our new Riverwood Cultural Arts Center from 12:30 with the ribbon cutting to 8:00 pm with carriage rides and tours. I have lots to do to prepare! That evening I also have a rehearsel so I must make sure my space is properly manned from 5:30 – 8:00. December 9th we have the Sixth Annual Holiday Festival Concert at the Paul A. Johnston Auditorium in Smithfield. Our Children’s Christmas Program is December 10th followed by my husband’s company Christmas party…December 16th Voice Students go to the Clayton Senior Center to sing Christmas solos and carols…December 17th is special music in church plus another Christmas party…December 18th the Junior and Senior Homeschool Choruses go to the Clayton Senior Center and December 19th Voice Students sing for family and friends at the Flipside. December 20th another Christmas Party this one for our Adult Church Choir. December 21st is the last day for Kindermusik before the Holidays. We are hoping to travel to Ohio over Christmas, to see my family, then back via Boone to visit with our daughter and her husband. January will be here before you know it!

Fascinating events still occuring!

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So our Thanksgiving Holidays are ending and the busy month of December “looms” before us! Yesterday evening as our daughter Rosalie and her husband Paul were getting ready to leave and go visit his parents they decided to check their oil. (They have done alot of driving lately) They were 2.5 quarts low! They decided to go get their oil changed and the mechanic said there was water mixed in the oil…they had a head gasket problem. So Christmas is going to be tight on their pockets as they have also had to deal with a root canal for Rosalie last week and Paul’s glasses broke so he needed new ones, etc. etc. This fascinating part of early married life reminds us that as parents we are constantly finding that we must step back. We pray for the safety and happiness of our children and our desires for their success and growth in their marriage but those fascinating things seem to occur out of the blue…no we have little control over our lives, just opportunities to let go and let God!

Laughter is always the best medicine…

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A taste of laughter to enjoy during your Holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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As I reflect on this last year I see many obstacles overcome. I see smiling faces now entering a new studio and a new semester. I see my family spending rare time together. I see those less fortunate and do my best to help them. At our Thanksgiving Table we will have my husband Kenny and I, our daughters Kendra and Rosalie, and our son-in-law Paul, Kenny’s sister Lynn and our friend from Kenny’s Psaltery Yahoogroup, Judy. Judy is making a move from the Florida Keys to a better situation here in North Carolina. She is in-between homes and we offer her a warm Thanksgiving meal on a cold November day.

Yesterday we had one Milk and Cookies class meet. It was more a family class as older siblings and one Dad joined us. What a treat to see families enjoying Kindermusik together! See the smiling faces below!

Milk and Cookies 4Milk and Cookies 3

Milk and CookiesMilk and Cookies 2

Miss Julie’s birthday…

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I like birthdays, they celebrate us and who we are. My birthday was filled with teaching, phone calls, dinner with my husband and a rehearsal with the Johnston County Chorale and the Wilson Chorale in Rocky Mount. All in all a full and pleasant day. I will be setting up my appointment for a massage…my present from my hubby. I can not wait!

A little Turkey for you!

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Just in time for Thanksgiving…Did you ever wonder where all those Turkeys come from?

Why is it so important to keep your child consistantly in Kindermusik?

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Because it’s been proven that repeated, not sporadic, enrollment makes all the difference!

In early 2005, Beth Frook of Little Hands Kindermusik ( in Clifton, Virginia, shared a granddaddy of a Foundations of Learning (FOLs) in her Kindermusik class. A local university had recently conducted a study on 3-and-5-year old children in her program titled “The Effects of Kindermusik on Behavioral Self-Regulation in Early Childhood.”      *See editor’s note at the bottom of this column.

It proved what Beth—and many other Kindermusik Educators—already knew:

The longer you stay in Kindermusik, the better.

Specifically, the study showed:

“Children currently enrolled in Kindermusik showed higher levels of self-control than those never enrolled and those previously enrolled.  This suggests that in order for children to reap the benefit of increased self-control as a result of Kindermusik participation, it is important to have repeated and recent Kindermusik experiences and remain enrolled in the program.”

“Four-year-old children who had been exposed to Kindermusik for longer periods of time are better off in terms of self-control—namely a child’s ability to plan, guide, and control their own behavior—than similar children with less Kindermusik history.”

“These experiences, stop-go, high-low, fast-slow, short-long, and loud-soft, whereby children’s motor behavior is guided by the music, appear to be good exercise for young children’s emerging self-regulatory skills.”

Below, Beth shares her reaction to the study and the role that research plays in her Kindermusik classes.

Why do you think this research was important for your parents?

I think it adds impetus to a parent’s decision-making because it’s more than just saying, “Okay, we’ve done Kindermusik, let’s try something else.” It encourages a parent to go beyond the smorgasbord approach to children’s activities. A lot of times parents will say, “We’ll do art, then soccer, then swimming.” A study like this encourages families to look at the value of re-enrolling. Repetition is vital for a child’s learning, and currently in our culture, it’s not viewed that way.

How did you share this information with parents?

I walked into class that day and said, “Guess what?” Lots of parents knew about the study because Adam Winsler—who led the study—is also married to Kathy, who teaches with us.

Editor’s note:

Study results were made available to Kindermusik in May, 2005. The study was conducted by Adam Winsler Ph.D and graduate student Lesley Ducenne in the Department of Psychology at George Mason University.

The 15-month study included 91 children between the ages of 3 and 5 who were split into three groups: 23 students currently enrolled in Kindermusik, 19 students previously enrolled in Kindermusik, and 49 students of similar family backgrounds from local preschools who had never had Kindermusik.

The children were observed doing a variety of tasks that required self-control such as slowing down their motor behavior, delaying their gratification, refraining from touching attractive but forbidden toys, quietly whispering, and compliance with instructions to initiate or stop certain behaviors. Parents also completed surveys.

The study, supervised by Adam Winsler, Ph.D, Applied Developmental Psychology in the Department of Psychology at George Mason University, will likely be presented at national conferences and published later this year.

Many thanks go to Lori Burkhardt of St. Louis for sharing this with us.

Kindermusik Classes are in session!

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Our Monday and Tuesday classes have begun and I am very happy with the mix of children and families! Wednesday and Thursday look good also…I will be posting more about classes soon.

This evening we had a full Village class, even Dads came!

Monday is the Day!

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I have been working hard all day on preparing the studio for Kindermusik classes starting on Monday. I will be there all day tomorrow also. It sure takes forever to unpack! I may not have everything in place…but will be ready for teaching. You will like the new space, it is bright and cheerful.

Good night all!

Ms. Julie

Sights and Sounds from PKE Convention…

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 Thank you Molly McGinn!

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