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Hi! Julie Stewart here with Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice of Clayton to let you know our Fall Semester will begin the week of November 6th, in our new Riverwood Cultural Arts Center location. Due to our later than normal start our semester is just 10 weeks long for Infant through Preschool age. Our elementary age classes have begun already but we would love for your child to join us! The shorter semester means the tuition is reduced this one time only. Take advantage! For more information visit our website at www.kindermusikofclayton.com .

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“I need easy.”  You say. Just link here find the class and time you want and you are able to register online.

Enroll in Kindermusik this fall and I can give you a semester full of songs, stories, and games to make your daily routines together even easier. With more music in your life, you’ll see how early and ongoing exposure to music helps your child do everything better.

Read on for descriptive excerpts regarding what we are offering this fall.

I hope to hear back from you soon! 

Infant-17 months is Zoom Buggy. All those airplane sounds you make with a spoon during feeding time actually helps your baby learn language. In this eight-week class, you’ll learn how sounds like this can develop physical, social, cognitive, and emotional skills as well. Your At Home Materials include over 25 specially-selected recordings from class, Home Activity journal, and Art Banner for the nursery wall that strengthens vision and promotes early literacy.

18 months-3 years is Milk and Cookies. Using a favorite snack as a class theme, we’ll give you songs and stories to bring more music into daily routines with your toddler—if it’s going to the store, baking cookies, or spending time together in the kitchen. Each activity was carefully created to help your toddler build confidence, self-control, and social skills. Your At Home CDs include 56 songs, sounds, and stories from class, plus a wooden stir-xylophone instrument. Everything fits inside a vinyl, Velcro insulated lunch bag you’ll use long after this class is over.

3.5 – 5 years is Hello Weather, Let’s Play Together! With the weather as our learning theme, we’ll explore musical styles that range from Opera to American Folk, and you’ll watch as your preschooler becomes self-sufficient in a room full of friends knowing that you’re close and nearby. Your At Home Materials include a double CD with over 63 recordings of the stories, games, and weather sound effects we’ll play in class. Plus a 46-page home activity book with easy home-made activity instructions, sheet music, and cut-outs helps you bring the learning home.

Infant- 7 years is Family Time—Here, There, Everywhere. In this family-sized version of Kindermusik, the music and activities center around five different family outings: a visit with a friend, an outing at the park, a trip to the city, an afternoon at the aquarium, and a day on the farm. Your At Home Materials include a hand and finger puppets of Wags—featured characters in the two literature books. Plus, two home CDs of music from class, a home activity guide, and two jambourine instruments. Each item has been carefully created to bring out the music—and the learning—in your family. Specially designed to fit the varying ages and learning abilities of your children, this set will help you bring the learning and the music-making home, as well as become a lasting, well-loved favorite of the toy box and book shelf. Pricing includes two children.

Descriptions for our Elementary age classes follow, ages are just guidelines.

5-6 years for Young Child Semester 1 Everything your child learns later in semesters 2, 3, and 4 begins with this early introduction to singing, reading, and writing music and rhythm. Through dances and games that focus on rhythmic development, we’ll learn a keyboard instrument—the glockenspiel—which will be used throughout all the Young Child classes. Your At Home Materials provide the music, instruments, stickers, and activities for a home version of the same playful activities you’ll hear about from class, so your child—and you!—can learn where you’re most comfortable: at home.

6-7 years for Young Child Semester 3 Appalachian music is a featured musical style this semester. First, you and your child will build a two-stringed dulcimer instrument with materials that we’ll provide. Then in class we’ll learn to play chords and simple melodies on the instrument you built together. We’ll also explore rhythm concepts through dance with an introduction to the basic steps in jazz, ballet, and tap dances. Your At Home Materials include dulcimer-making materials, activity cards, and music which features recordings from Appalachia, African-America, and Native American music, as well as the Western Art music of the Nutcracker Suite.


Julie Stewart

Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice of Clayton

“A Musical Foundation to Last a Lifetime”

Clayton, NC since 1994

“The fact that children can make beautiful music, is less significant
than the fact that music can make beautiful children.”
C. Lavendar

for more information about Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice of Clayton check out our website… www.kindermusikofclayton.com

to order musical kits, books, CD’s or instruments from Do-Re-Me  & You created by Kindermusik or to host a  Do-Re-Me & You party or for information on becoming a consultant… www.drmy.net/kmclayton

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